Lighted Godzilla Xilien Saucer Installation

Thank you for your purchase of the Lord Of The Gameroom Lighted Godzilla Xilien saucer(s).

This is just a quick and dirty installation instructions until I can get proper images and documentation written up.

Your Xilien saucers have a lead cable that has 4 aligator clips at the end of it.  After installing your saucer on the posts above the playfield, route the cable to the under side of the playfield through one of the holes. Avoid routing the cable near any switches. Feel free to bend the wires do angle your saucers to your desired positions.

On the underside of the playfield, on the right side almost directly under Mecha-Godzilla locate this little brown board.  This is the board that you will connect the aligator clips to. 

The wires are color coded with Red, Green, Blue and Black wires. You can see the Sern wire colors here. From the far left to right, Blue, Green, Red and Black  (Yellow).  Attach the corresponding alligator clips to the correct color on the board. If you have 2 ships; you can piggy back the clips, but ensure that none of them touch together. Wrap the clips with electrical tape to ensure that there are no connections touching.