Godzilla Xilien Saurcer(s)

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Godzilla Xilien Saucer(s)

Godzilla Xilien Pop-Bumper Saucer - This Xilien Ship is movie accurate and replaces the plastic Stern pop-bumper plastic. Looks great angled or flat. 

This can be installed 2 different ways.  Install flat just by using the included screws directly into the pop-bumper housing. Or use the included angle mount to have the ship at an angle.    

Easy to install! No wiring required uses existing Stern hardware. 

Godzilla Xilien Flying Saucer(s) - Same great looking Xilien Ship, but wired with RGB lighting and mounts using a wire screwed on a post.  This gives the ship a little wobble when playing to have a hovering effect.

We have suggestions on where to place these, but these can be installed on almost any post you desire where you can feed the wiring through the playfield.

Comes with wiring harness and connects using aligator clips.  See our installation instructions for more information.

Matching Topper Xilien Ship Coming Soon!